It also offers many services to Government including

  • Government Resources Planning
  • Government Information Network
  • Messaging & Collaboration Services
  • Web Presence Enablement
  • E-Participation Enablement
  • DG eServices Enablement
  • Strategy Advisory & Consultancy Services
  • Federated (Government-wide) sourcing
  • Training Services
  • Post Implementation Support Services
  • Ejobs
  • Ecomplain
  • Esurvey
  • Esuggestion
  • Esocial
  • EVideo Blog
  • Estandards Guideline for website.


Software development forms a major artery of webdesol’s creative talents and technical capabilities, serving as the domain originally responsible for the formalisation of the company. Webdesol focuses on providing unique business solutions, from small custom applications, to larger scale multi-platform implementations. Innovations include the integration of telecommunication, SMS and networking integrations, as well as sophisticated digital content distribution and point of sales analytical reporting systems. Whether it’s integrating existing architecture or building a completely new conceptualisation from scratch, Webdesol has the skills and experience to ensure your project is implemented on-time and within budget.


Most methodologies share some combination of the following stages of software development:

    Analyzing the problem
    Market research
    Gathering requirements for the proposed business solution
    Devising a plan or design for the software-based solution
    Implementation (coding) of the software
    Testing the software
    Maintenance and bug fixing

Webdesol provides IT consultancy services to help clients with the continually-changing IT procedures and environment. Our consultancy on IT services help clients to improve the efficiency of the IT application environments by adopting new services. Experts at Webdesol are qualified to deal with all types of IT problems faced by small and medium sized businesses. We can help businesses build from scratch and make it easy for employees to understand IT in a better and easier manner. Webdesol offers end-to-end IT support and services that can help businesses transform. We not only offer consultancy but also work with you to execute the changes so as to validate the effectiveness of our solutions for your business.